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What a sight!

What a sight ! It’s difficult to shut up, when

Western diplomacy regresses to media and coercive diplomacy.

Square democracy has become the highway to freedom (of trade) and domestic interference.

Hitler is anyone who stands in the way of domestic interference.

Non-interference in domestic affairs is appeasement.

Thorough and comprehensive analysis is replaced by moral finger wagging.

Hordes of secular priests and missionaries parade the naked emperors.

Prof. Dr. Luc Reychler

International Relations

What a sight!

Some letters in stone for a younster

Kapwerk voor een zestienjarige toekomst

In the meantime I continue writing my book on time. The interventions of the coalition of the willing/the COWboys in the Middle East disturb me. They don’t give a fighting chance to sustainable security and peace building.

Ondertussen schrijf verder over de rol van tijd in conflict en vrede. Ik maak me regelmatig boos over het beleid van de COWboys (“coalition of the willing”) in het Midden-Oosten en Noord-Afrika en nu vooral in Syrië.